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The Unmatched Beauty of Love

To be honest, it feels nice to be loved by someone. By love, I could mean family love, friendly love, or the other kind of love we all probably know about. It’s pretty crazy falling in love with someone you never thought you’d ever meet, but now that you’ve found them, your life seems to be complete. Love is not like any other ordinary word. It’s extraordinary. It comes with emotions from beyond your thinking, feelings that give you butterflies in your tummy and random bursts of joy and excitement. It always starts as a simple “Hi, Hello” to becoming friends. Just before you know it, you’re daydreaming about the things you could do together, your chatting over the phone for hours, taking strolls together while having conversations you never thought you’d have with anyone. The funny part is how everybody else notices before the two of you do. It takes time, but it eventually comes to reality. They ask you to be theirs and you say “Yes!” You start making plans, here and there to see each other, whenever either of you is going to be away for a while it’s like the whole world is coming to an end, never get tired of receiving each other’s warm tender hugs and sweet sensational kisses every single day, talking to each other about the oddest and weird topics then making a joke out of it, telling each other your deepest thoughts, cleaning each other’s tears when you cry, and being someone’s shoulder to lean on when times get rough, gazing into each other’s eyes then bursting into the most adorable blush ever, and feeling special and loved because of all the compliments you get. Most of them seem like they are going to last until it is all held by a thread because of the arguments, lies, unreliability and disappointments. It all dies and fades away and seems as if it were never real, but at the end of it all, those gratifying memories you made together will always be with the two of you forever.

Rachael Erone

Yr.9 Quetzals

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