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Here in Taibah, we have sports day in term one. This year we had a wonderful sports day on 2nd March 2024. But before sports day the days before we could prepare for a carnival as a captain of Mufumbiro Blue House, I could not sleep without praying for my favourite colour. I love my colour so much that I performed in multiple games. I at least got several medals, especially in running, I got like 5 medals. I enjoyed it because almost in every game, teachers were choosing me. The night before sports day, we slept at 12:36 p.m. because we were preparing by decorating bicycles, painting the largest animal in the bush like an elephant, and painting the largest animal called a blue whale. But the Red Army was very harmful. They danced better than us in aerobics, they had uniformity than us. The next morning, we woke up and there was a lot of noise in the school. The children were VERY HAPPY that it was sports day. We practised and then we did all the sports.  After everything, the winners in the fourth position were announced as Green and the winners in the third position which was Blue, then I just gave up but I said that that is not the end of life. We matured but when I was very annoyed. My patron Tr. Saul promised me a gift. And I am very happily waiting for it. 

Muyanja Hakim, P.7 Weaverbird 

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