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It was my first experience in the World Scholar's Challenge after all I had heard about it, 1 wanted to be part of the winners with no idea about whatsoever topics I had been given. As a science student looking at the 47th president of the United States, Napoleon and aliens was a lot for me but where there's a will there's a way and I decided to find the way because that was my only option. I found myself having to create time out of my busy schedule to get something done out of over 15 strange topics | was given.

The theme for this year was "Reimagining the Present", interesting right? I hadn't known this before I signed up. I probably wouldn't have. I had been told that it was an intellectual challenge and I thought I was one but this wasn't my type of intellect at all. I was stuck and frustrated most of the time and this didn't cease until the final competition day.

The cup was a two-day event with four phases and different challenges. We began with the team debates where each team of three had to go against another random team of three from another school and this was successful for most of us. This was at Galaxy International School Uganda. On my end, this was my first time to debate and it was frustrating to argue about topics I only had 15 minutes of knowledge about but it was productive since there was a feedback session from the opposite team and we got better and better by the next rounds.

The next event was team collaborative writing not that we were writing together but we were allowed to ask our teammates for ideas and opinions on our writing. That went pretty well but time ran so fast that day before we knew it, we were sitting ready for the scholar's challenge in the late evening. After a long exhausting day, we settled in for the toughest challenge and that was the end of that day. Well, not many of us were happy on that day but we still hoped for a better next day.

The following day was only one challenge left. The scholar's bowl at Hotel Africana. This was an exciting one we had clickers and hands to answer by pushing a few buttons for a certain amount of time for each question. That was the final challenge and we were all given an alpaca to take along. Later that day was the award ceremony and the closing show. Everyone was so scared but we all attained at least 6 medals each and we were so glad.

The experience was a good one because it pushed me out of my box and I opened my eyes to many more things in life that I would typically not care about. I wish that there was more for the science students to take advantage of but all is well. We thank the school for giving us the opportunity.

Catherine Nabatanzi

Year 13

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