The Worth-While DELF Experience

It was yet another year of the annual and long awaited Diplome Etudes en Langue Francais aka DELF examination. This French exam sows a world renowned diploma that comes in handy when working in the European Union and in other international organizations. Imagine what it feels like to be a multilingual? A lovely piece of cake, is it not?

Students, on the rainy morning of 24th June, woke to butterflies in their stomachs as it was finally. The D-day was right there. After months and months dedicated to breaking a sweat so as to perform to the very best of their capabilities. Students broke their backs in preparation for this exam. The tireless efforts that teacher Munana and teacher Gilbert put into aligning the approximately 20 students to achieve the golden prize.

The students set off at about nine o’clock in the morning in the school van. It was a long and nerve-wrecking journey from Bwebajja to the Alliance Francais main branch in Kamwokya. Even during the car ride, students did not halt their practice for even a nanosecond. The ambiance in the van was tense; hearts beating like drums, sweat dripping from students’ pores due to the rush of students’ nerves through their bodies.

On arrival, the students started off with registration and soon after, we were off to doing the written papers. The exam had four parts; listening comprehension, reading comprehension, composition writing and the oral bit of it. Students looked to be doing the written part of the exam with the most ease. Must have been the level off preparedness being through the roof.

It was on the oral paper for the students whereby they were called into the interview room; one at a time. Hearing people’s names being called raised peoples pulse rates by 100 beats per minute. People’s hands went numb as they were so tirelessly putting in the very last drop of effort they had in the last minute practice for their oral test. People were tasked with the challenge of having to interact with the examiners in French. The participants were able to dig through the deepest parts of their memories to attract a plethora of French vocabulary they had been taught over the months.

At the end of the day, all the participants came back to school with smiles from ear to ear. They drove into the school in full swing with the Everest-high elation levels for the exam went rather delightful. It was business as usual till the passing of a few weeks when the results were released. It was the very best of the school’s prestige that the top students in the country happened to be from Taibah. Kudos too all the teachers that put in a multitude of efforts to train the students and most of all, congrats to all the students that managed to excel with flying colors. ‘Bon chance’ in the lengths that this diploma is going to take the participants.

Babirye Mercy

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