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Theatre is a day where Taibah schools present to their parents. Theatre happens every first term annually. My class P.6 Crested Crane, presented a dance Kitagururo. This dance is done by the Banyankole. Every class had to start training early or else they wouldn’t perform well. We started training in week 4. The training was really tiring but we managed to get it through. There were three shows were, the morning show, the afternoon show and the evening show. 

There were two rehearsals for each class which were, one they had to do in the field and one they had to do on stage. Every class had to use energy during rehearsals to get the evening show because it was the best show. The reason why there were two rehearsals is because the first one is to get attached to the specific show and then the second is to make sure if they should change the show, you have been attached to or not. When it was our class’ turn to dance, we used a lot of energy and smiled, and the uniformity was good and we got the evening show. So, after the first rehearsal, the second one came. We performed well and stayed on the evening show. Theatre was finally here. Our class had to wait till evening to present. I was in the choir and the choir members had to present in all three shows. We presented a song called ‘Knowing Me Knowing you.’ So, after doing choir, I had to come and change for my class, performance. When it was evening, it was our turn to present. I was so excited to perform. We went on stage, organized ourselves and started dancing. It was a blast, we all enjoyed the dance and finished well. When we finished dancing, our parents came and took us home. And that’s how theatre was for me. 

Angel Kitayimbwa, P.6 Crested Crane 

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