Theme Presentations

Illiteracy is the inability to read and write. Some learners in primary school face this challenge up to about middle primary and or even upper primary school.

Primary five Kingfisher in their theme presentation about kindness clearly brought out this challenge. It all started in school in a primary five classrooms when people were harassing their friend because she could not read what was on the white board. One of her friends stood up and challenged them to stop! Try helping her and you will be blessed. The other said, “so what!” “I am rich; why do I need blessings?” As the next teacher came in, she asked, “Have you finished your work?” They all said, “Yes” Apart from the girl who couldn’t see. The teacher got furious and dismissed them from class. Two hours later, it was time to go home.


The young girl became a surgeon. The girl who harassed her way back in primary five got a fatal accident and was referred to her hospital. She was shocked to be treated by the girl she belittled way back in primary school. Nevertheless, she got her surgery and apologized for all the things that she said to her when they were in primary school. They became friends and started working together. This teaches you, never to hate people but to accept them for who they are because you will need them in future.

P.6 Crested Crane

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