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TISJ Headteacher's Communication Term Two

Dear TISJ Parents/Guardians,

Today, Thursday 10 th August 2023 has marked the successful closure of the term. We give glory and honour back to God for the gift of life and enabling us to perform outstandingly in all spheres of life this term. We appreciate our dear parents/guardians for your selfless contribution to our profound achievements this term.


All our pupils have been engaged in significant, well-planned and closely monitored academic programmes throughout the term. They have completed regular tests to ensure comprehension of topics learned and

end-of-term examinations results have been issued to you on their report cards.

MOCK EXAMS, the Primary Seven candidates have been subjected to five sets of mock examinations which they accomplished successfully; their results are on their report cards as well.


This term, we had our exposition which was about our cultural diversity and uniqueness. We focused our attention on the rich cultural values in our communities, the country and across the globe. We had a wonderful array of activities among the different cultures as we ventured into the nitty-gritty of each cultural setting. The children were able to prepare different dishes of various cultures; they did research on the different cultures’ dressing and attire, marriage ceremonies and many other aspects of particular cultures. We extend our gratitude to you, our parents and guardians for your invaluable support in all that you contributed to make our day a success.


As it is our norm, we normally have a change of prefects after they have served for a term of one academic year. We have a democratic process where our pupils are encouraged to come out and offer themselves to be elected to serve the school community. We had a very well-organised process and we were able to elect the prefects for the academic year 2023-2024. We appreciate parents and guardians once again for the support you rendered to your child through the printing of a poster and encouraging them to come out and speak boldly to their colleagues. As a school, we are so elated to see our values come out as we emphasise the 5CS. We had a marvellous swearing-in ceremony for the new prefects who donned a new uniform for their leadership duties, we wish them the best year!


As part of our engagement with the parents and guardians in the proper upbringing of a holistic child, we involve parents in the academic pursuits of the child. The academic Contact Days offered parents an opportunity to check on children’s progress. The attendance was one of the best ever!


This term, our Acts of Kindness week centred on improving our community in the school. Each year group thought of something that could benefit the entire school community and by the end of the week, different classes had engaged in considerable disciplines which also added to our core values of 5c’s. We encourage you to continue building our philosophy to have a generation with a difference.


Learners were given a chance to experience learning from the field in the form of study trips and tours to cement the theoretical part gained from classrooms with the practical aspects in the field which makes learning complete. This term, the following classes had their study trips, Primary Six, Primary Five, Primary One and Kindergarten Two. Primary Seven are going to have their study trip to western Uganda during the August holiday.


Our Cambridge school is growing steadily; we are going to have our second lot of candidates sitting their Year Six examinations at the end of October. Last year’s results were fantastic and we are anticipating super results this year as well. Speak to Bridget, our front office manager, if you would like to know more about the Cambridge School.

Our major event is going to be a book week that is so much anticipated for by the learners in Term Three.


The third term of 2023 will commence on Tuesday, 12 th September 2023.

Madina Mugenyi (Mrs.)

Head teacher

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