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TISJ Headteacher's Communication Term Three 2023

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

It is with great honour and gratitude that we have come to the successful completion of the year 2023. I praise the Almighty God for our unequivocal successes!

This has been quite an action-packed year with various activities, which we have accomplished with finesse.

For Term Three, in particular, we have had various activities that included the following:


Our kindergarten three pupils completed their three-year pre-primary study and satisfied the required standards for promotion to primary level. We held a colourful ceremony to wish them well on their new primary education journey.


Given the intense preparations involved in getting the candidates ready for these examinations, every detail was attended to, to ensure that nothing is left to doubt for the success of our candidates. I extend my gratitude to all teachers involved in getting the candidates ready; we are confident our candidates will excel in their final exams.

We conducted the examinations in a serene environment as we did not encounter any hurdles in the process, we give back the glory to God for the good health and weather during the examinations period.

Year 6 had eighteen candidates, who sat their checkpoint examinations from 18th -20th October 2023 and we expect their results in December.

Primary 7 had 43 UNEB candidates, who sat their examinations on the 8th and 9th of November 2023 and we expect their results by mid-January 2024.


As it is our norm and culture in Taibah schools, we do treasure our pupils who have completed their examinations, therefore as a gesture of appreciation we organise for them a befitting farewell concert where we show them our affection and wish them well on their new journey to secondary education.

This term we held our valedictory concert on Sunday, 12th November 2023. It was an occasion for one to savour as it was premised on the theme, ’Mirrors of the Past.’ It was an exhilarating performance, those who attended must have got value for the time spent at Taibah International School-Junior.

The scintillating stage performances and the accompanying play by our dear children put Taibah International School-Junior at the level of a ‘class above the ordinary’ and we promise to keep up with the trend and standards set for many years to come. The dances and the costumes were carefully and selectively chosen which brought out the aura of the theme. Great thanks to everyone who had a hand in the organisation, training and execution of the whole event.

We extend our sincere gratitude to you our parents who contributed financially towards some costumes used on that day, may God reward you abundantly.


Smartness of our pupils is an integral aspect of our training and as a school, we give much attention to how our pupils look and present themselves. We do need to pay greater attention to the girls’ hairstyle of braiding. It has been found through various study researches that this style of hair may have some negative impact on the scalp of young children because of the process involved in coming up with this beautiful outlook.

As head of the school, therefore, I would like to advise that we reduce the use of braids on young children to save them the possible adverse effects in future.

Remember, it is a considered opinion and not in any way a regulation stopping braiding but those who consider it worthwhile may take it up.


Taibah International School-Junior is at the forefront of advocating the use of technology in the teaching-learning process and we are so impressed by the enthusiasm shown by our parents in acquiring gadgets for our learners and at times providing internet to enhance learning. However, my caution to the parents is, it has come to my attention that unsupervised use of the same gadgets at home is breeding undesired use by our young ones. I strongly suggest that in the absence of a responsible adult, these gadgets should be withdrawn and only be availed when there is appropriate supervision, together we shall raise a responsible citizen.


As one of our 5cs, Acts of Kindness are one of the ways to feel empathetic for those who deserve to be helped. We normally carry out our acts of kindness out of the school to various disadvantaged communities but this term we decided to do an internal act of kindness where different classes took up various roles within the school to help in particular areas such as cleaning the teachers’ quarters, helping the members of blue team to serve tea and evening juice and cleaning the community trench among others. Through all these, we are teaching our pupils to have empathy for others by caring for the community.


We were privileged to host the Super Supreme mufti of Uganda Sheikh Mohammed Galabuzi who congregated in our premises for a Dua for the candidates. With all these powerful prayers, we have confidence that nothing will stand in the way of our candidates to excel.

It is not always usual that we are visited by such honourable personalities but because of the good interpersonal relationships that we have cultivated over time, we can invite such revered people and they honour our invitations.


Taibah International School is known for its open policy towards worship we welcome people of all denominational beliefs. Our Christian candidates had their dedication prayers jointly led by the Catholic and Anglican religious leaders.

The Catholics were represented by Rev. Fr. Samuel Walakira from Saint Kizito Catholic Church, Bwaise and the Anglicans were represented by Rev. Bobson Musamali from Saint Peters’ Church of Uganda, Bubajjwe.

It was such an amazing afternoon of prayer with members from different denominational beliefs holding a joint prayer. We thank God!

In the same vein, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the Catholic pupils who completed their confirmation classes and received the sacrament this term.


In our quest to provide holistic education, we engage our learners in field tours to have a feel of what is taught in class. We believe that if a child sees, touches and experiments they will have a lasting impression of what is taught. This term we had both school-facilitated tours and those that you, our dear parents, paid for. These were mainly long-stay trips such as the western Uganda and the Nairobi-Mombasa trips. The Western Uganda trip was such a wonderful expedition for our learners.


The Cambridge School had a marvellous book week show where pupils presented an adaptation of “Chronicles of Narnia.” The children were so engaged with the characters and brought out the theme of ‘dreaming with the eyes open!’ Thank you so much Cambridge School for the exciting book show!


We continue to engage our learners through hands-on activities. The Montessori teaching emphasises teaching using real objects, which helps children with counting or numeracy.

This method is going to help the learners to improve their grades in mathematics all the way to P7 PLE and Yr6 Check Point exams.

The kindergarten teachers have done a wonderful duty in guiding the learners in the Montessori Method and we shall keep on with this set standard.


As one way of improving a reading culture in school, we have introduced compulsory borrowing of readers from the library; children are encouraged to read a book per week. We hope this will go a long way in aiding them to improve their comprehension and reading speed.

Wishing you all a blessed stay with children during this long holiday and please involve them in productive activities. Teach them, at least, a skill to remember for this holiday.

Madina Mugenyi (Mrs.)

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