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TISJ Head Teacher's Communication Term One 2024

Updated: May 2

Thursday, 18th April 2024 marked the successful closure of Term One 2024. We give glory and honour to God for the precious gift of life and for having enabled us to accomplish outstandingly in all spheres of life this term.

We appreciate you our dear parents/guardians for your selfless contribution towards our profound achievements.

Let me also take this opportunity to welcome new pupils together with their parents to our Taibah community! I must say that you made the right choice! Thank you for choosing us!

Some notable achievements of Term One 2024


All our pupils have been engaged in significant, well-planned and closely monitored academic programmes throughout the term. They have been subjected to regular tests to gauge comprehension of topics and the End-of-Term examinations.


We had a wonderful sports day where we saw our pupils excel in different disciplines; each winner in different categories was awarded with a medal right from the 1st to the 3rd. Let's continue nurturing the young talents!

Our sincere gratitude goes to all parents who participated in the sports activities and those who supported the children with items like bicycles! Physical attendance was superb; we are grateful!



I am happy to inform you that our theatre production was indeed a wonder! Our pupils put up a scintillating performance that thrilled all in attendance. Thank you so much for your efforts; everyone made a super contribution and this cannot be underestimated; be it purchasing or designing costumes, singing and dancing with the children, encouraging the shy one and more! Over 550 children actively participated – a record number! Thank you for the superb attendance on theatre day; we were very motivated!


As our 5th C (Care for Community) demands, we normally give back to our community to alleviate the suffering and pain of those in need. This time we paid attention to one of our parents who had a sick child and needed a significant amount of money to undergo an operation in India. So our Act of Kindness was code-named “Help Stewart”! Stewart travelled to India and is awaiting surgery. The children raised a magnificent Uganda Shillings 3M; we thank you dear parents!


It is our paramount concern that the security of our learners is guaranteed.To make it a point that everybody in the school confines is safe,we have installed more CCTV cameras in almost all corners to ensure the safety of everyone.



Since we believe in education for sustainable living, we complement our classroom instruction with field tours and excursions to concretise what has been taught theoretically with hands-on experiences. Some of the trips this term included field tours for the Primary Five pupils who had a visit to an agricultural farm, Primary One went to the museum and Kindergarten Class Three visited …!



Our Cambridge Section is now fully constituted, running from Year One to Year Six. We still have some limited vacancies in many classes and registration is on-going. Feel free to visit us and look at our facility. Cambridge International Education offers wholesome learning that is suitable for learners of different abilities.


As we break up for the holidays, let us take caution against the outbreak of red eyes in the country. We have managed to limit infections in school; let us discourage as much as possible the movement of pupils so that they are not exposed to infection.


It is pleasant that our school has remained focused on its founding philosophy of providing an all-out education that emphasises individual achievement. We promise to continue working with you to ensure that a bright future awaits our children!


NOTE: The school will re-open for the second term on Tuesday,  21st May 2024.



Madina Mugenyi ( Mrs)



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