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We have finally come to the end of the academic year 2022 and what a rollercoaster it has been. We thank the Almighty God for all the protection and the guidance from when we started way back in February. We also thank you greatly our very loyal parents for sticking with us through thick and thin all this time. We can’t thank you more. We ask God to widen your provision to stay with us for as long as it is required. This term particularly has been an action-packed one and the children have absolutely enjoyed it.

We had our first physical parents’ Contact Day in a long while. It was indeed great having you back in school. Thank you for turning up in such vast numbers and thank you for the feedback. Teachers have been working on the suggestions left and have tirelessly worked to help learners achieve their targets. We hope that this will come through in the reports you are receiving today.

We were privileged to host religious leaders who came to perform different functions cementing our resolve to bring up righteous children. Monsignor Charles Kasibante, the Vicar General of Kampala Arch Diocese visited us on 30th October to administer different sacraments to our Catholics pupils. The Bishop of Namirembe, Rt. Reverend Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira came on 19th October to perform similar duties to over 70 qualifying Anglican pupils. The Supreme Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Muhammad Shaban Galabuzi also visited on 4th November to preside over prayers for our Muslim candidates. It was such an honour to host them on functions that were quite colourful and we are thankful to these Men of God for agreeing to come in person and support our contribution to the spiritual building of our children.

The End of Year Concert and Valedictory was probably the biggest event of the Term. The theme this year was “Then and Now: Transitions to Contemporary. The intention was to educate our children on how much evolution has affected different aspects of society. Under the theme, children presented on different aspects including religion, politics, dance, music, health, education and many more. It was a fantastic display of our 5Cs. Children exhibited an understanding of the covered concepts hopefully making them more knowledgeable and better equipped for life. Sadly, we couldn’t have you physically here as we had so much anticipated. However, we noted that many of you were fortunately able to follow the events through a live stream professionally done by XCY Events. Thank you for contributing to costumes development.

Unfortunately, one of the performances, made by P3 Fisheagle, was clipped out of the show and posted, out of context, on social media and it completely misrepresented the message in the valedictory concert. We would like to apologise for the image the clip portrayed, suggesting that children were engaged in politics, which is contrary to the professional role of schools. As a school, we are fully aware of this role and will endeavour to clarify the message of the concert whenever the opportunity arises.

On the same day, we said goodbye to over 187 candidates; some of them having stayed for over eight years. We are specially very grateful to all parents of this particular group for supporting Taibah all these years. The candidates we released comprised of 70 pupils who did the Cambridge curriculum and 116 who did the national curriculum. Generally, this group has had the most challenges having spent over two years of learning in and out of physical school because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Despite all that, they worked so hard, and we can confidently say they were fully prepared for their exams. This group of young people has been equipped with the 5Cs that should propel them to success whichever path they choose to take after here. They now have the foundation onto which to build. Congratulations to all of them upon this success and the best of luck in their next chapters of life.

The term was crowned with the Mega Bash, a crazy day of utter fun for all of us. Fun spots included merry go rounds, bouncing castles, foam castles, tarpaulins, camel riding and of course a lot of eating and drinking. It was a special event of immeasurable fun to celebrate and to say goodbye to each other. It is always a happy/sad moment to say goodbye to people you love but we are hopeful that come January 31st, we will meet again by the will of God.

A typical Taibah school day runs from 7.30 am to 3.30 and 4.00pm for Lower and Upper school respectively. Heavy academic subjects take the first part of the day and by 1.00pm they are all covered for both levels. Afternoons are reserved for non-academic engagements such as clubs, games, MDD and vocational based subjects including Integrated Production Skills (IPS). This is so much in line with international standards. The requirement therefore is that day scholars should be in school by at least 7.20am and are ready to go home by 4.00pm. We believe that gives a much-needed rest to the children. A recent survey we conducted showed that most children wake up at 5.30am to be ready for school and arrive back home at about 6.00pm. Children need 8 hours of sleep to enable their brains to grow well according to research. We kindly request you to afford them this time because there is no obligation for them to be here earlier than 7.20am! Only the pupils in candidate classes should come earlier.

Our fee’s structure has been slightly revised to catch up with the rising cost of living and the cost of providing an education at international standards. This kind of change was last made in 2019 as is our promise to remain as stable as we can, given the economic conditions of the time. The new changes have been communicated through the invoices that have been sent with reports today. We thank you for understanding our position.

We are currently registering new pupils for the few remaining places. If you know anyone who has been looking to join our prestigious family, please let them know. The exercise will continue until December 15th, 2022. Also, if you intend to relocate schools, kindly let us know early so that we give opportunities to the many waiting parents.

Next term begins on 31st January 2023 for boarders and 1st February 2023 for Day scholars. Please endeavour to report on Day One. Beds are given away on a first come first served basis as a policy. If for some reason you are not able to report on day one, send through your fees payment proof to school days before start of term.

Once again, I thank you for supporting Taibah all year round. I wish all our Christian friends a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of us.

Looking forward to seeing next year.

Judy Musisi

Head Teacher.

Taibah International School- Primary

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