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Updated: May 7

A very warm welcome to all our new pupils and parents! Thank you for choosing Taibah International School. We promise to live up to our billing; so, join us and advise whenever possible to enable us to serve you better. In Taibah we believe in a happy school and your happiness and that of our children is paramount. We believe that happy children learn better and become more successful in life.

We thank the Almighty for keeping us alive and for enabling us through these action-packed twelve weeks. It is certainly a more challenging term of the year for obvious reasons; it is a term to get grounded for the new challenges for everyone, pupils and teachers alike. We thank you parents for always standing with us and for your continuous feedback, which is why we keep improving our service.

The results for 2022 for both Cambridge and PLE were excellent. 100% of all the candidates in UNEB passed their examinations in Division One or Two. The best candidate Georgia Kanyange scored 4 Aggregates. Checkpoint results were also as excellent. Over 8 candidates scored triple A's with many of them scoring A plus. This is surely the best performance ever! These included Channel Mulungi, Stacy Semanda, Hayden Mary Kabagambe, Gerald Ssemwogere, Gabriella Mukisa, Noah Katiti Martens and Mohammed Karmali. Congratulations to all of you our candidates! We are sure that we have prepared you enough with the 5CS of Taibah enroute to success. Like we always say, happy children produce excellent results! Congratulations once again to both the candidates and staff for such a commendable effort.

The term has really been very busy with Sports Day as its major highlight. Pre-Sports Day activities began as early as Week 2 and climaxed into a wonderful day of stiff competition on 25th March 2023. All children had the opportunity to participate in these activities which included football, netball, swimming, cross country runs, long track laps and badminton and bicycle races. A new game, Basketball became part of the competitive games for the first time this year. In Taibah sports is for everybody so we make an effort to include lots of group games to ensure maximum participation by the greater majority. Rwenzori House were the eventual overall Champions having outwitted other Houses with a very small margin. Elgon Yellow House came a close second with Mufumbiro Blue and Moroto Green tying in the 3rd position. Congratulations to Rwenzori Red, but also to everybody for participation and this is more important than winning. For you parents, thank you for turning up in such huge numbers, but also for the enthusiastic participation in all the games we chose for you.

Thank you to all parents who turned up for the Contact Day. Your children are working hard overall and we believe the foundation for a good year has been set. Of course, there are lots of challenges with Term One both academic and behavioural since it is a term for setting out. This usually improves as we progress to the subsequent terms and normally by the end of the year, we have achieved our individual pupil targets. Please do not hesitate to give us any information about your child if you believe it can help us to understand them better. My office is always open if you have any concerns regarding the progress of your child.

Our theatre production was another major highlight of the term. Unlike usually, we chose to conduct it at the school campus a move motivated by the fact that we have grown both in numbers and school entities. It had become almost impossible for us considering the size of our cast to carry children to theatres outside of school. You may recall the last time we had this production we were at Serena Kampala and that really presented so many challenges. So, choosing to bring it to school turned out to be the best decision that we have ever made regarding this production! It enabled us to give an opportunity to all children to be part of the presentation. It gave us the freedom to work with our children and at the same time be sure of their safety. We engaged professional people at Swangz Avenue and Buzz Events as partners to make sure this was a memorable event. The show was our best ever! Thank you for supporting us and for turning up in such numbers. We don’t take that for granted!

The Catholic Community is in preparation for First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Solemn Oath ceremonies. Lessons will begin early next term. We request the Catholic Parents to take advantage of this opportunity and register their children. We intend to return to our bi-annual arrangement; meaning that the next time we hold it for Catholics will be 2025. Call Teacher Peter Ssemwogerere the Coordinator on 0703075351/0783405162 to register your child and for all the details.

Keeping in line with our Cs, the children will be involved in an Act of Kindness next term. We have been approached by New Hope Primary School a school for refugees in Kikuube District. Children in this school would use anything from us to make their lives better. We want to engage the children to donate all items they no longer use at home. Look around their closets for all those shoes and clothes that no longer fit them or those they don’t use anymore. Please pack them at the beginning of the 2nd term so we can send them to the needy children.

Homework has been sent to Microsoft Teams. Please avail gadgets to enable them access the work and please provide the necessary materials and supervision. We have ensured that most of it is project work to enable children to apply the knowledge they have acquired over the term. We expect them to report for Term 2 with the project work sent.

The school has been represented in the Vex-Robotics World Championships by Celine Nyonyonzi Year Six and Ciara Nyamate of TISS. This follows their success in Senegal last year at the African Robotics Championship. They are part of the eight children representing Uganda. We are rooting for them and pray they bring the championship back home. You can follow the competitions directly with the link below.

Only a few places remain and only in the Cambridge Section. If you know anyone looking to join us, inform them to contact Ms. Joweria at the Front Office.

Darasa lessons for our Muslim pupils will resume next after the interruption of the COVID break. Please register your child with Ms. Joweria at the reception. You can also contact Tr. Ismail, the coordinator on 0705943426.

We are opening up fully on weekends starting next term. You will be able to access the office as before. Picking and returning children for weekends will follow legibility. P6 and P7 children can only be picked for weekends from 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm respectively. Remember on all days the gate closes at 6.00 pm.

School opens for Second Term on the 23rd of May 2023 for boarders and 24th of May 2023 for Day scholars. Please make sure you return on the day or call to confirm that a bed has been booked for your child. If you will return later due to unavoidable reasons, call the Class Teacher and or Dormitory Mother of your child. In such a case you are required to send a copy of the pay slip to Joweria, the Front Office Manager on WhatsApp 0752567119. To avoid inconveniences, it is important to take the issue of reporting on the first day seriously because the beds are given out on a first come first served basis. Our lessons also begin immediately.

Once again, I thank you for all the support and for coming to school every time we invite you!

May God bless you all and have a lovely holiday with our children!

Judith Musisi

Head Teacher

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