TISP Headteacher's Message Term 2

Warm greetings to you from all of us here at Taibah International School Primary. We have come to the end of term today 28th July 2022 and thankfully, by the Grace of God, very successfully. Covid-19 has hovered over us throughout, restricting us to very limited access for you against our own philosophy. We really appreciate your patience and understanding in these situations. We have continued to observe COVID SOPs as closely as possible under the circumstances and as result, we have not registered any COVID cases. Hopefully we will open up fully next term, now that cases are going down. We implore you to keep the children safe so that when we return, we are all not exposed to the danger of contracting the deadly virus.

We thank you for standing with us and for providing for our children throughout the term. They have made a lot progress both academically and socially given the foundations laid last term after the long COVID break. We are confident that by the end of year, they will have attained the targeted objectives. The term has been very busy with lots of events which overall have contributed to their growth. Engage them in conversations to explain their individual achievements and set Term Three targets with them. It is important that they become responsible for their own growth.

Africa Day was one of the major highlights of the term. Thank you for dressing the children up in a manner that largely exposed them to their culture. With this day, we aim to cultivate a sense of belonging that culture plays in our children and we want them to understand the importance of diversity so that as humans, we can respect each other better. Lots of activities happen on the day; all aimed at teaching them the salient features of their cultures.

We had our Exposition on 25th June 2022 under the theme “Trash to Gold” aimed at teaching children the importance of recycling in order to save the earth from the litter that is literally choking us. Other than providing an excellent opportunity for the children to grow their 5Cs, the theme exposed them to how trash can be converted into very useful products. Different classes used different materials such as rubber tyres, paper, glass, old clothes, plastic and other materials to provide real life solutions to daily issues while saving the earth at the same time. Due to COVID 19 fears, we were not able to grant you the usual access but the whole event was streamed live on our Facebook page. Many apologies to those who really wanted to attend and a big thank you for following the live streaming.

The school has been involved in a campaign to raise funds to send little Edith Komuhendo a daughter

Of our very own Teacher, Faridah of Middle Class. Edith’s health condition deteriorated as a result of a double stroke that happened six years ago which was compounded by the fact that she already had sickle cell anaemia. So far, we have had a charity run which raised over 71 million shillings and a car wash that raised 21million shillings. We have also had several donations from individual parents. In this regard I would like to especially thank Ms. Beatrice Nabateregga, mother of Joy Esther, Yr. 1 for offering to buy return tickets for three people travelling to India for the bone marrow transplant, on top of her earlier cash donation. Children have continued to donate on regular basis, sacrificing their pocket money on several occasions. Students and staff of Taibah International School Secondary also donated over 16 million to the cause which was so fulfilling. So far, we have collected a total of 135 million shillings. Very pleasing indeed! We are still collecting money because we have not raised the required 200million but we are certainly doing well thanks to all the well-wishers. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you who turned up for the run and car wash. There is not much we can say but to pray to the Almighty to grant all your wishes. Special recognition to Mr. Stephen Muhangi for the all the media presence we have received since the start of the campaign. Thank you, CBS radio, BBS and UBC Television for all the free publicity. Thank you for taking your CSR so willingly!

As a school, this campaign has provided another excellent chance for our children to grow our 5th C; ‘Concern for Community’. It is so pleasing to see children sacrificing their treasures for the sake of a friend’s life. With this kind of hearts, we are certain humanity is headed in the right direction.

On a very sad note, we lost one of our babies, Neyvan Ahabwe in Baby Class. Baby Neyvan, as he was fondly known here was a darling of every child in the school and will be dearly missed. We pray to God to grant all the necessary strength to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Muhangi during these trying times.

Next term we shall be blessed to host Religious leaders in the school. We will host the Very Rev. Msgr. Charles Kasibante on 30th September to administer Confirmation and Holy Communion sacraments to catholic pupils. The Bishop of Namirembe will also visit us on 19th October 2022 for the Confirmation ceremony of the Anglican pupils. Lessons to prepare children have been going on and shall continue next term. Hopefully, parents with children involved are in touch with the concerned teachers to ensure all is well. We also expect the Supreme Mufti to visit us to lead prayers for the Muslim candidates.

All final examinations are to be done next term. Our Cambridge candidates will sit for their International Primary Checkpoint Examinations on 12-15th October 2022. Primary Leaving Examinations are also slated for 8th- 9thNovember 2022. The two groups had a large part of the learning done online and their teachers are working tirelessly to get them ready for the exams by then.

The Ministry of Education and Sports is conducting registration of learners at all levels. We have sent forms to you that should provide us the information required for us to complete the forms. Please fill the form and send to us in time so we can work within the Ministry deadline. You can drop a signed form at school physically or you can send a scanned copy of the same through the class teacher of your child(ren).

Our children picked up a lot of ICT skills during the online lessons over the two COVID years. We would like to keep this alive by ensuring the continued use of their Microsoft Teams subscription. We have uploaded their Holiday Project guidelines on there. All pupils who joined us this term have been provided with the login credentials but might need help. Please provide the necessary assistance to enable them access the work.

Every child in school was given a unique identification number. This is a very important number to the school because it represents the child in our internal data bank. Please quote it together with the child’s name in all communications to the school including most importantly during payment of school fees. Simply write the number beside the name and our system will pick it up.

Next term begins on 23rd August for boarders and 24th for Day scholars. Please report on Day 1 because term activities here begin straight away. For boarders, remember, beds are given away on a first come first serve basis.

Once again, I would like to thank you for standing with us and for supporting us every time we have needed you. May God bless you abundantly. Our offices are open for feedback. Please speak to us in case there are any issues to address. We treasure your feedback a lot because it helps to serve you better.

Have a wonderful time with the children and looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd and 24th respectively.

Best regards,

Judith Musisi
Head Teacher

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