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TISS Headteacher Communication Term Two 2023

The grace of God has continued to manifest through another successful term. Congratulations to all key players. Our deep-rooted sympathies to all that have lost their loved ones. Mr. Munana lost his dear wife; Irene at front office lost her mother; Moses of the support team lost his daughter; Isaac Evans Kabanda, Edwin Suubi Kabanda and Ethan Mark Kirya lost their mother, we also lost four old students: Raymond, Naomi, Evelyn and Sylvanus. We commit all the departed in the hand of God – may their souls rest in eternal peace!

A busy term it has been! Sports has been the key extra-curricular activity. Students competed in various activities including but not limited to Football, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics and Chess. Congratulations to Chwezi House who were crowned winners of the season. Kabalega house and Chwa house emerged second and third respectively. At Taibah, we believe that true winners are all that participate, so congratulations to all participants.

The election of students’ leaders has been another important activity of the term. Students participated in the entire elections process: vetting, open campaigns and eventually the voting. The whole process was free and fair yet very competitive; the voting was digitalised hence there were no appeals or complaints concerning rigging! It was a true reflection of democracy! I am grateful for the maturity and resilience exhibited by all contesters! Congratulations to Crystal Kitaka and Victor Kamukama on becoming presidents of the Cambridge and UNEB compasses respectively and to all those who now hold leadership positions. We are confident that the two presidents and their respective teams will lead us to new horizons. Their work is already impressive!

The Taibah family has continued to grow! This term we have been joined by two teachers, Moses Kusiima for physics and mathematics and Dennis Jengo in the Humanities Department. Their engagements are already reflecting the Taibah philosophy. Teacher Juma Kamulali left to pursue a PHD in physics and our prayers are with him as he strives towards his goal with success.

Prom celebrations for all our candidates were very successful. Children were very elegant and both days were glamorous! Thank you for sponsoring your child. Moments like that give children wonderful memories of school; they provide an opportunity to exercise the 5Cs and inspire them to excel. It should however be remembered that the day is for candidates; not their parents and old students!

The model of our academic Contact Day was revised to having specific classes on particular days. This enabled parents to engage with all teachers. The first try was successful and following observations, we are making further adjustments. S1, S2, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 Contact Day will begin at 11.00am on a Wednesday; S3, S4, Year 10 and Year 11 to begin at 2.00 pm on Thursday, then S5, S6, Year 12 and Year 13 to have theirs on Friday from 8.00 am to 12.30pm. Specific dates will be communicated in due course. All students will be returning on the Monday of the following week at midday. Thank you to all parents that always turn up to discuss their children’s progress. Teacher- parent interactions are critical in managing discipline and overall achievement in school.

This term syllabi coverage for candidates has been completed and preparations for the final examinations are in high gear. We have been able to do our first set of mocks and results will be given out on the first day of Third Term. Other students in school have also done full sets of exams and progress in impressive. We advise that you provide some fiction and other reading materials to them to expand their scope of knowledge. Candidates should be encouraged to continue with revision since not much time will be available for them next term.

School has taken on the responsibility of providing all question banks and activity books to all Cambridge students, no extra money or charges should be paid to anyone for them. Also, ensure that you receive a receipt for any payments made at school.

Our practicing of kindness and care for others has continued to yield! On Martyr’s’ day, students were engaged in a voluntary charity fundraising campaign in which 760,000 was collected and this money has been used to buy scholastic materials and pay school fees for disadvantaged children. The same students and some parents have also contributed an amazing 7,873,600 shillings towards the medical bill of Antar Suham Ssekajja who is in India now to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Suham’s parents approached us for help in their effort to collect over 300 million which was required to save the seven-year-old girl. We pray for a safe operation and quick recovery.

School has continued to give adequate meals for the physical and mental development of our learners. Our menu has been revised further to include yoghurt, sausages and more chicken! This means that food from outside is not required. For the safety of our children and appreciation of what is offered, we request that you refrain from bringing food for the children. Food is at the bottom on the hierarchy of man’s needs. Parents who want their children to enjoy special meals can pick them up for lunch and return them after. In the same vein, birthday celebrations at school can be a real problem! We recommend that children receive their cake and share in their peer group without inconveniencing others. Please note that it is not mandatory to receive a cake. All birthdays are celebrated in the Registration period with their tutors.

The discipline of students is generally pleasing. We encourage you to carry on with counselling and engaging your child to guard them against the many temptations in society today. Unfortunately, a few cases of theft have been reported. Check your child’s property to ensure that they have not brought home what you did not buy.

School development is still ongoing especially at the Cambridge side. Our vision is to become a leading centre in the provision and promotion of quality education. We apologise for not meeting your expectations especially with the physical infrastructure but soon your patience will be rewarded. Thank you for walking this journey with us.

Our holiday is going to be shorter than usual to enable students return early and prepare for their end of year exams. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause in your year plan.

We are organising a students’ trip to Dubai which is another opportunity to broaden their exposure and appreciation of beauty at the end of the Third Term. It is going to be a teacher supervised trip to ensure the security and safety of the learners. All interested parents can contact me or teachers Azida, Rukia, Margret and Nicholas. Early booking and preparation are key to its success. Each child will be required to pay 1,350 dollars for a full package.

Teacher Annet

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