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TISS Headteacher Communication Term Three 2023

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

What a ride it's been through Term 3! Buckle up as we take you on a journey through the highs, lows and the downright hilarious moments of the past few months.

First off, a big round of applause to everyone who has made Term 3 a success! Students, teachers, parents - you've all played a part in creating beautiful memories and giving our students some serious bang for their educational buck.

It has been a very busy term, packed with exams and numerous activities for exposure, intellectual growth and community outreach. Congratulations to all our candidates upon successful completion of national and international examinations. We await, with optimism, to celebrate the results.

We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to all those that lost loved ones. At school we lost some parents, Mr. Munana lost his dear wife, uncle Moses lost his daughter, teacher Nicholas lost his mother, uncle Abel lost his father and other teachers lost close relatives. May the souls of all the departed rest in eternal peace.

This term was flagged off with the celebration of peer parties. This is the only whole school party-day of the year! It’s a day to eat, drink, dance and most importantly to cement peer groups. Members are given an opportunity to understand each other better through discussions and bonding activities. As all other school programmes, the day is becoming more sophisticated. The decorations, smart dresses and valuable gifts that were exchanged made it memorable.

S6 and Year 13 Graduation Day has been one of the emotional celebrations of the term. It brought together all candidates from the Taibah schools. Children from Taibah International school Primary, Taibah Junior School and S4 candidates joined S6 and Year 13 to celebrate their achievements over the six years of high school. Recognition was made to loyal parents whose children have been with us from Senior 1, Year 7 and Year 8. We cannot thank you enough! We are fully confident that we are sending into the world people that are well prepared to face the next challenge. The 5Cs which everyone has attained make it easy for them to live independently and approach challenges with a positive mindset.

The Independence Cup has been one of the most exciting events of the term! It attracted many schools and students competed in various sports ranging from Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball. More than 500 students participated, and a lot of learning and collaboration happened. Such opportunities complement our service and give learners an opportunity to develop their talents as they expand their social networks.

Thank you to all that turned up for the Contact Days. Interacting with teachers not only gives you an opportunity to know what your child does at school, but also motivates students to pull their muscles to impress you. It makes them more accountable. I would however like to remind you to return your child on scheduled days to avoid conflict with other school programmes. Children must be taught the value of keeping time and sticking to plans! In the same breath, I would like to appreciate all parents of Senior 2 and Year 9 that turned up for the careers meeting that was organised to help the young ones in making subject choices. We hope that through mutual discussions, learners will choose the subjects they are passionate about and those that meet their career aspirations. Remember, people perform better when they are passionate about something, so do not force them to do what you did or what you want them to do.

In our effort to train a wholesome person, students of Key Stage 3 have been involved in hands-on projects where they have learned a lot of practical skills ranging from Baking, crafts, agriculture, sports and cookery. Most importantly, they have learnt to make good use of recyclable materials like bottles. On the UNEB side, the DIT projects have been given full attention and more than 120 people including teachers and parents have done their examinations. We are excitedly waiting for top grades.

I am happy to report about our improved engagement in religious activities. Children have embraced Sunday best dress code when going for prayers and alms giving has gone up! We have also had successful tutorials for Moslem students every Sunday. In a special way, I would like to recognise the Catholic community for the generosity exhibited when they held a thanksgiving and dedication of candidates’ day on which they sent gifts worth more than a million shillings to Kabulamuliro Parish. Such engagements nurture responsible adults.

I am honoured and proud to report to you that the launch of the School Compassionate community programme under Palliative Care Association of Uganda was held here at school! The event that brought together members from the Ministry of Health, Palliative Care Association of Uganda, several media houses and humanitarian groups was very colourful and memorable. This opportunity has given our students a bigger platform to exercise the 5th C, Care for the Community. Indeed, a lot of care activities have been undertaken by different groups in school.

The Dubai Trip which happened between 22nd to 26th November is an adventure that children will remember for a long time. Memories like this help young people to appreciate diversity and challenge them to greater achievements. There were two other educational trips in which students engaged with global peers in science competitions.

African Day and Night has been epic! We have observed a great improvement in cooking skills, a lot of research has been done about different cultural groups which has enriched the students with knowledge on African history. All 5Cs have been observed in the preparations and presentations. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the tutors of Senior 3 and Year 10. Proceeds from the events will go to charity.

Another milestone at the end of the term has been the Christmas bonanza and Year 9 projects exhibition. Again, a lot of practical learning and improvement in personal presentation and public speaking have happened. Task your child to brief you on this memorable day.

As we start the long holiday, I would like to encourage you to spend more time with our growing teenagers, teach them practical skills, help them to understand their cultural background, and guard them from the exciting house parties, sleepovers and over utilization of gadgets.

We wish you a happy stay with your children.

Merry Christmas and a blissful new year!

Annet Nannyonjo

Head Teacher

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