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Congratulations to us all on a successful end of year following years of lockdown! Term Three has brought a lot of joy to both learners and their teachers! We have been able to enjoy many school events that had been forgotten due to COVID19. We thank God for the protection.

Thank you, to parents for your enormous support in the tough post-COVID times. Inflation has affected most of the items used in school and occasionally there has been a scarcity of key things! Your support has enabled us to remain steadfast in our belief in Education with a difference.

Our peer parties started the term off in style. Members of each peer group came together to learn more about each other, share a meal and have a dance. The excitement with which learners embraced this confirmed how much they had been lacking socially because of COVID!

This year, we have had the biggest number of candidates ever! Senior Four alone had 120 candidates, Senior Six, 52, Year Eleven, 120, Year Twelve, 61, and Year Thirteen had 27 candidates! In total, we have had 380 students sitting both National and International exams. I am pleased to inform you that they were well prepared for these final examinations and the season went well. We are positive and remain optimistic that their results will be impressive. We have another group of Year 13 candidates preparing to sit their final Advanced Level exams in June. Effort is already directed towards their success.

We have been able to revive our sports activities and all the children have been given the opportunity to participate. Sports play an integral role in the children’s education because they nurture every element of the person; social, mental, physical, psychological, and emotional. Encourage your child to continue with exercise even at home. A brisk walk can do wonders!

The Year Thirteen and Senior Six graduation has been one of the highlights of the term! Thank you to all the parents that facilitated their children with glamourous outfits and accessories. The event is fully sponsored by the school and the loyal parents whose children have been with us since Senior One or Year Seven and Eight were recognised. On the day, outstanding students in various disciplines were also recognised. We hope this will motivate others to do their best in school.

African Day and Night was celebrated in style and learners were given an opportunity to appreciate our diversity as they learnt about other people’s cultures and lifestyles. Again, thank you for the support extended to the children by buying them befitting attires. This year’s event saw an improvement in style. The children were also able to collect 1.2 million, which will go to Charity!

In the term, we have been able to host various universities during our Careers Week, our students understood the requirements for the courses they might be interested in and insights on cost. We also invited many of our Alumni in various professions to motivate and encourage the students. We hope this engagement will yield the desired outcome.

Parents of students moving to Year 10 and Senior 3 are encouraged to spend some time with their children and discuss subject choices in line with career choices and passion. We discourage dictation of what children must learn; students learn better if they are given some autonomy over subject choices with proper guidance.

Grub has continued to be a big challenge in school. I want to re-assure you that the school serves adequate meals and has two functional canteens which can supplement those that love snacking. Our dormitories have enough space for one bag per child and a small suitcase. Cartons and boxes of edibles have turned dormitories into mini stores and facilitated some theft. We therefore recommend that grub is minimized for the comfort of all in school.

We have noted with some concern the number of children with learning challenges. Several of them have complained of headaches, nausea, low concentration, and lack of interest. Strangely, many have been found to have eye problems! We are therefore encouraging you to take your child for an eye test before reporting for next term to enable them to have a smooth stay at school.

We have continued to have health challenges due to negligence! We are inviting you to join us in sensitizing young people on healthy living; sleeping under a net, eating healthy, doing regular exercise, drinking water instead of fizzy drinks and dressing appropriately according to weather conditions.

The school is working on easing the process of fees payments and tracking all payments. As a result, each child was given a number, and this should be added to their names anytime any payment is made. In addition, School Pay is in use, and this saves you the burden of lining up in the bank. Please ask your child for their number and use it when making payments.

We were able to promote our Senior 3 students to Senior 4 in 2022 and this created an opportunity for those that would like to join us for Senior 4 in 2023. You are invited to use this chance and take up the few vacancies created. Our admissions for 2023 are already ongoing and we still take limited numbers. It is always our pleasure to give priority to our own; therefore, make your applications for S1, S5, Year 7, Year 8, Year 12, and S4 NOW to avoid disappointment.

The pioneers of the new curriculum have progressed and will be in Senior 3 next year. We are among the few selected schools that were visited by the Director of Industrial training and his team. The comments and reports given are impressive. It is very pleasing that all students have acquired a vocational skill. Challenge your child if they are in Senior One or Two to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Please be reminded that the school allows only two colours for bedcovers, green for boys and blue for girls. It is also recommended that all children should have decent clothes for church, dresses for girls and formal trousers for boys. Children need to be trained on ideal dressing for different occasions.

We wish you a happy holiday with your children. Encourage them to be actively involved in family projects and at school, we asked them to do chores.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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