TISS Headteacher's Message Term 2

Term 2, 2022 has been a tough one because it was just the second term of physical school in three years but we are grateful for all the successes registered. Thank you for the enormous support from all our parents. We condole with all that have lost their loved ones and pray for those that are going through tough times.

A big welcome to all our new students and their parents; thank you for making us your school of choice. It is very encouraging to run a full school and our waiting lists have continued to grow!

Congratulations to our first May/June major examinations candidates, and we await, with a lot of optimism, for your excellent results! Mocks for the October /November examinations have also been done and we are hopeful they will serve the desired purpose.

After two years of no leavers’ Prom, students have been able to celebrate their Proms. This time, the parties have been organised within school. Great creativity was shown and if the standard is to be used to measure their success in exams, we are comforted success is ours. Congratulations!

In addition, we had had no senate elections for the two years of lockdown! This term students elected their leaders in a democratic manner. Elections were preceded with vetting by teachers, and campaigns. No gifts and posters were allowed! Leaders were elected on merit, and without bribes! This is the culture we want children to grow with. Congratulations to Andrea Kanyunyuzi of Year 12 who has been astonishingly voted as President! School has not had a female president in a long time. We also congratulate all other senators and class leaders. Leadership is a choice and an obligation; it’s tough but an important service. We wish our new leaders a great term of office. I also congratulate and thank outgoing President Ronald Zeija and his team for their diligent service in the tough time. I have no doubt, their experience has enriched them!

We have become a centre of reference and excellence in the implementation of the new curriculum. It is indeed gratifying that our philosophy, which has been in place for over two decades is now the masterpiece in the education sector in Uganda. Congratulations to us all!

I am pleased to inform you that we have started on a journey to become a centre of excellence in the teaching of French in the country. Our first team of ambassadors to acquire a French certificate was very successful in the Diploma in French Language (DELF) examinations and they are now preparing for the next stage due in November. I am encouraging you to enroll your child for the programme as knowledge of a second language is increasingly becoming an added advantage in the job market.

We are committed to promoting a reading culture, and literature is one of our subjects of choice! Each child is therefore reminded to buy at least two novels that suit their age. This will go a long way in promoting their performance in all other subjects if their literary skills improve.

Life in our new building has continued to improve. More furniture has been secured, projectors erected in most classes, internet availed and students have showed great appreciation of the smart television sets installed. More is yet to come, and with your support, our hope is high!

The ever-rising commodity and fuel prices have put a big toll on us that we had to revise our expenditure patterns; however, the welfare of the students has not been compromised. If this situation is not reversed, we shall need more support from you!

Our effort to equip all our learners with the 5Cs never withers! This term we have been more inclined on the 5th C, ‘Concern for Community’. Students have engaged in numerous charity activities and environmental care. The climax of our engagement has been the contribution of 16,159,500 shillings towards the required amount for our Edith, a child at Taibah International School Primary, to go to India for a bone marrow transplant. This money came from small individual contributions by teachers and students, and of course parents that dropped a penny or more in our collection box. Contrary to what has been the norm, no special entitlement was given for this ‘giving’! Emphasis has been on giving with no expected reward! In a special way, I would like to recognise Tendai Kasura of Year 9 Charis who withdrew one million shillings from her savings to save Edith! With such spirited persons in our community, the future is bright!

The response to the school required bedcovers is not yet at its best! I therefore request parents to provide students with a green bedcover for boys and blue for girls. A uniform colour improves smartness in the dormitory. Please remember to label your child’s bedcover with their name and student’s number.

In addition, each child is reminded to carry a water bottle and snack box. In our effort to improve quality, promote discipline and care for the environment, the canteen will no longer sell snacks in polythene bags or serve snacks to individuals without a container. Bad habits of eating while moving are cited because of the way snacks are received.

This year, we have the largest number of S4 candidates ever! Our flexibility, and adaptability, has helped children that were in S2 at the time of the first lock down to sit S4 without losing a year; consequently, we are sitting two groups! This therefore means we have places in the Senior 3 class and we will admit students in S4 next year. Use this chance to book for your other child or relative the few places that have been created in this class.

A lot has been invested in practical skills ranging from sports to kitchen skills. Task your child especially those in S1, S2, Year 7, 8 and 9 to demonstrate what they have learnt. From next term, a swimming costume has been added as a mandatory school requirement. For health and safety, anyone that has gone through Taibah International School must know how to swim! For girls, please come with a full costume.

Once again, thank you for trusting us with your treasured children and we look forward to seeing you next term. Enjoy the holiday as you do some domestic training to get a holistic child!


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