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I salute you all in the name of the most merciful and gracious God who has sustained us up to the end of this term!

This has been quite a busy term compounded with a lot of activities and we were able to accomplish all of them successfully beyond our expectations!


We had a wonderful sports day for both our kindergarten and primary pupils held on separate days to enable the learners get the most out of their particular days. Our pupils were challenged by different sporting disciplines in which they competed, and I can say that it was top-notch! We cannot forget the invaluable input of our parents who contributed enormously in various ways to make the whole sporting event a success. To appreciate the efforts of our pupils, those who excelled in different disciplines were awarded with medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze for different categories. Next year is promising and we expect a higher standard and greater competition!


This term, we tried out a different format for the parents-teachers’ academic interviews, normally referred to as Contact Day! We had a CONTACT WEEK and this worked out very well. Classes were allocated particular days enabling parents to have more time discussing the academic progress of children. Most parents are pleased by the progress so far; and this is only First Term!


Indeed, we are a school to reckon with in the country! 350 pupils participated in the joint Taibah International Schools production held at Taibah International School Primary. Over 1,500 learners were on the stage – a first for any school in Uganda! Participation in our theatre production exposes learners to the variety that the Taibah philosophy envisages. We are all multi-talented and our job includes unlocking that potential of the child which otherwise remains latent; we ably did that as we saw pupils thrilling the audience with such energetic performances! We are indeed indebted to our parents who made time and came to attend the production; we have received praises and congratulatory messages!


Our act of ACT OF KINDNESS week this time focused on helping orphans. Learners brought in several items which we delivered to Sanyu Babies Home and Nalukolongo Bakateyemba’s home. We appreciate your benevolent spirit of giving! We hope and believe that we are sowing kindness in our children; they will grow up knowing that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you so much to all those who contributed towards this noble cause.


We crowned the term’s activities with displaying the Montessori Method of teaching for our kindergarten pupils. We believe that if a child ‘learns by doing’, that child will not forget the learnt concept. That is one of our ways of teaching! Plenty of photographs of the activities were taken. Parents who wish to see their children in action may visit the school and have a look or ask Tr. Bridget in the office to send you a link.


Our serene poolside shed is a great place to meet! It is one of the busiest places in term-time during the week for swimming lessons, outdoor classes and some staff meetings.

We are now opening it up for you, our parents that may wish to hold celebrations like birthday parties, graduation parties and any other gathering that you would like to have in a quiet surrounding. We offer affordable fees; please come and book with us at your convenience.

Next term will begin on 23rd May, 2023.

Lastly, let me wish you a fruitful holiday; please find time to go through the end of term report with the children and encourage them to read a lot of fiction.

I thank you all. Our commitment to delivering has no bounds!

Madina Mugenyi

Head Teacher

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