TJS Headteacher's Communication Term 2

Our warm greetings from the Taibah Junior School community, I am delighted to inform you that we have come to the end of another term where we have seen a more stable family compared to last term. We have done a lot of rediscovering, reskilling and rebuilding routines. I thank you all parents for your support in all ways!

School Pay

The school introduced the school payment system to reduce the endless queues at the banks. Every pupil has been given a pupil number that can be used to clear school dues throughout the child’s stay within the school. Please embrace it and abandon the old ones.


We had a successful Exposition Day where the children showcased new technological advancements. We want to greatly thank you for support both materially and financially.


Most of our learners have been smart throughout the term. Gratitude to all of you for adhering to the school uniform plan. I also want those whose uniforms are worn out and/or undersized to purchase new ones such that pupils do not feel out of place. Uniforms are bought physically from school.

Principal’s Meeting

I would like to bring to your notice that we had a successful Principal’s Meeting for Cambridge school. A lot of new ideas were generated and these will help to to grow our international section. Admissions are still open in Year 5, Year 2 and Year 3

Acts of Kindness

I am glad to inform you that we had a successful Acts of Kindness Week which we dedicated to “Little Edith” of our sister school, TISP! Edith needs a bone marrow transplant. We were able to collect eight million, six hundred twelve thousand and four hundred shillings. Thanks a lot for your generosity!

Mock exams

Our primary seven candidates have been exposed to a series of mock exams in preparation for the primary leaving examinations due in November. Please contribute by giving them words of encouragement in this final holiday!


I regret to inform you that our community was bereaved due to the loss of our beloved parent; Dr. Ismael Kibirige, the father of Kibirige Mustafa Junior - Primary Two Barbet and Nanfuka Rehemah - KG2 Jacana. Our sincere sympathies go to the bereaved family and all those who have lost their dear ones in the course of this term. May the souls of the departed friends rest in eternal peace.

Beginning of Term Three Dates

Term Three will start on Tuesday 30th August 2022. Please find some time this holiday and pay in the school fees so that children have a smooth start to the term.


Next term, new clubs will be introduced including chess, coding and animation. Children will be taught how to create animations on their own and also learn how to handle robotics at a fee. Contact front office if you would like further details.

Parenting Tip

‘The demands of the world keep on pushing us to different angles and the children are left on their own. The social media platforms have taken over especially TikTok. Kindly watch over the children and help them to remain children, not forgetting that the boys also greatly need urgent attention.’

Once again, I want to thank you for fighting through a hard-economic period to provide the school dues. We shall continue striving for high standards!

We wish you a blessed holiday!


Madina Mugenyi
Head Teacher

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