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Tolerance was the theme of week four that can be defined as the capacity to endure continued subjection to opinion or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with. Dark colours are usually associated with tolerance when talked of and come as an expression of daily life with meeting new people or conditions of different perspectives of behaviours and reasoning. How far does tolerance go?

Tolerance can be taken as an act of respect or kindness or understanding though it goes too far sometimes. Toxicity, abuse or taking tolerance for granted can be beyond the limit lines for tolerance and hence not taken as an option at times.

Regardless of how bad it may seem, tolerance as an aspect helps one merge as calm at moments of rage and as a theme helped a lot putting it into consideration in decision making. Ever thought of it’s good?

However, tolerance does help to change perspectives of how to react to situations, issues or people, makes people go beyond their barriers to new experiences even allows people to think broadly and in certain ways helps to achieve inner peace and self-love. In my opinion, tolerance comes as irritation or makes one feel belittled but helps to avoid unnecessary situations of immediate reaction.

Ever tried appreciating tolerance with its shortcomings?

Daniella Tumwebaze

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