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The Toyota Dream Car art contest is about drawing a car from your imagination and having a good story about it. Nicole entered this contest in January 2024 and the deadline was March. When she went to the Toyota offices on 14th March to receive her gifts and a certificate, she was greeted by the Managing Director and he offered her a seat.  In this competition, there were three categories; the first age group was 5-7 years, the second was 8-11 years and the third was 12-15 years and this is the category where Nicole won two million Uganda shillings for school fees plus a certificate and a few gifts. Nicole Milly is in P.7 Gold Crest in Taibah International School-Primary.  This was Uganda’s first annual Toyota Art Competition and it was very successful. 

Kaima Aquiram, P.7 Weaverbird

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