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A tribe in Africa no one should forget must be yours. As for me, being a Maddi is a blessing. Africa day, on 16th June 2023. On that day, the tribes prepared as they could. Baganda the most populated of them were there. The Batoro and the Banyankole were there dancing well to be the champion of it all. Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Uganda participated in preparing, their Miss Africa.

Wow Wow...! beautiful ladies and handsome gentle men dressed perfectly to achieve their goals. Karimojong were dressed in their marvellous clothing, dancing the best dance that you could ever see like ha... just proud and wondering up to now.

Miss Africa! Wow, Shiloh, Hairah, Tutu, Adhel, Komukama and Zara competing to be the one and only Miss Africa. semifinals came by and wow those girls just impressed me. Ahh, Ahh! The finals were healing to Shiloh and Hairah. Saying answers like talking robots.

"And the winner to be Miss Africa of 2023, Eastern Uganda", said Tr. Judy. Shiloh Mudola became Miss Africa of 2023, Eastern Uganda.

Awira Gabriella, Yr6 Parakeet

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