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UNSA Wakiso regionals

The entire event was a battleground of ideas where participants showcased their eloquence critical thinking and persuasive skills. The journey through the preliminary rounds was amazing where we faced various motions for example “this house prefers a world where people cannot lie” the “Khan” debate team emerged as finalists and their speeches wowed everyone in attendance. After all the collective effort and determination, the Khans walked away with a second-place trophy.

However, our journey did not end there. In the poetry competition, our very own had the privilege of sharing amazing verse. For example, the legendary “Our Father” poem. She emerged as the best poet and the second poetry team took fifth place after a battle in the finals.

Similarly in the realm of public speaking two representatives addressed contemporary issues with poise and passion. Their recognition as first runner-up reaffirmed the power of effective communication and the ability to influence hearts and minds through spoken word.

Special heartfelt gratitude to Tr. Obed, Tr. Daniel and the school administration as we celebrate our achievements and forever cherish the memories.

Patricia Kugonza 

year 12 panthers 

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