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I understand valedictory as a musical occasion that happens every year in third term saying farewell to the candidates. It’s one of the happiest and most tearful moments at TISJ. Why do I say this; valedictory is one of the happiest moments because we participate in many fun activities full of joy such as plays, dance, singing, and modeling for KGs. It is also a tearful moment because we get to see how our friends, whom we have been with for a long saying time say Goodbye to us which makes them cry and we also cry.

This year’s valedictory show happened on 12th November, before the show, we worked so hard to have the best presentation because of the desire to make our parents proud and give the candidates a proper farewell. We could see teachers up and down trying to make their children have an impactful day. We saw the hard work of our teachers and that gave us morale to also work hard for the event.

On the real day, we were amazed at how the school made the stage beautiful and made wonderful paintings. We came early and prepared ourselves for the show. The theme was “Mirrors of the past” We reflected on the past we acted as some of the most famous people in the past. Parents loved valedictory, it could be seen in their eyes. Finally, we said farewell and gave a guard of honour to our beloved candidates most of them cried and hugged us so tight which made us cry as they were leaving us. It was a memorable day.

By: Silvan Ebwalu Mukisa

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