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Valedictory 2023

This event is the end-of-year concert and the day we say “goodbye” to the P.7’s and Y.6’s as they go to high school. On this day all the classes from baby to Y.5 and P.6 have to put on a performance under the theme “The Great Africa”

This event only and only happens every year in term 3, and everyone except Y.6’s and P.7’s is supposed to perform that day. All class teachers of every class are supposed to train or get a trainer to help them train and produce a wonderful performance on that day. As the classes train daily for their big performance on that day, the children of every class have to train and train very hard to ensure that their class is one of the best classes in the whole school. When it finally came the day, it was miraculously epic. All the classes in the school showed the crowd their wonderful performances. This show was so emotional when we had to say goodbye to the candidates.

Aaron Awira, Y.4 Firefinch

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