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Valedictory of Year 4 Firefinch

This term, we were able to accomplish many things and one of them was valedictory. We were able to perform in front of 2000+ people. Such things happen in Taibah International School. Our class was given a topic on what to do on the day and our topic was African Marriage. We were given six minutes to perform, so we had to make it quick. We trained in our free time almost every day. We had to follow the rules and regulations of the play until we ended up impressing Tr. Judy and Tr. Umar. We trained so much and we were ready for the day. The costumes at dress rehearsals were comfortable and we looked great we looked like models from movies. Tr. Saul made sure we dressed to our best for the judges. We danced with energy, articulated the words well, and made sure we did our best.

Harper Bautu, Yr.4 Firefinch

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