Vernacular Week

The beginning of today’s assembly was fantastic. None like the other. I’m sure you are asking, what made it so. Well, this week is vernacular week and the school’s topic is greeting. We started off our assembly as usual, anthems led by the flag team and the challenges of last week by Tr. Irene. Tr. Irene started the assembly in a jolly mood that she showed it by greeting us in her cultural language. As a proud Muganda she was, she greeted all Baganda and they responded including myself. The girls knelt down to show respect since she was an elder. We continued our assembly with the moral taught by Tr. Aminah “FORGIVENESS IS DIVINE!” At the end, Tr. Judy reminded us about cultural day that was meant to be on the following Friday.

Jayna Victoria
P.7 Gold crest

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