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Once upon a time, there lived a poor family of a mother, father and their daughter, they lived in Masaka. they were too poor to pay for transport. One day their daughter fell very sick and they decided to look for transport to take the baby to the hospital but failed to get transport and started walking to the hospital. Unfortunately, on the way to the hospital, the mom told the father that the baby had died. The father said they needed to take the dead body back home for burial. They once again tried to get transport but every taxi feared carrying the dead body. He got the idea to get a TV box, wrapped the body and put it in the TV box, and closed the box carefully then proceeded. On their way, a taxi man offered them a ride but then the father wanted to sit with the TV box but the conductor insisted that they put it in the boot, after a long day, the couple dozed not knowing that there was a thief in the taxi. When the couple slept, the thief said he was getting out of the taxi and then lied that the TV box was his not knowing what was inside. When the couple woke up the thief had already gone. Then when they were getting off, the couple asked for the TV box in the boot, and the conductor said, ‘What box?’ The couple said the box in the boot the conductor said he had given it to the owner not knowing the owner was the couple. The couple then cried and went to the police. When the thief got home, he surprised his wife and children with the TV box not knowing what was inside. they called the villagers to see the new TV but when he opened the box, he found a dead body.  Everyone was in shock, a few minutes later the couple came with the police and the thief was arrested.

The actors were; Akim and Shamal acted as the couple, Nsumba Nathan Anilov acted as the thief and I, Kamariza Munirah Kuraish, acted as his wife and the rest acted as children and neighbours. 

Kamariza Munira Kuraish, P.7 Pigeon

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