What A Day!

The warm lingering rays of the sunshine illuminated the glamour of the girls as they got their makeup done. From Smokey eyes to bloody red lipstick and chocolate brown foundation, the girls looked flamboyant and beautiful. The long awaited day was here and I could not calm my nerves. After a month of preparation and jittering up and down, ordering gorgeous and stylish gowns from overseas, perusing through the internet for the most exquisite hairstyles and sleek nail crafts, the guest had finally arrived! Prom was here and all candidates were head over heels for the hocus pocus that the prom committee had to unleash that day. The school reception was where the red carpet was unfolded in all its glory. Embedded with rose petals and balloons, the décor was top notch!

By the eleventh hour, we had all lined up with our dates who looked spic and span. My date and I had a theme of royal blue and I must say we did the assignment to perfection. Most of the girls’ cleavage and slit dress plans were cut short by the teachers who cramped their style. After about half an hour or so, the master of ceremonies cut to the chase. Couples began their walk down the red aisle and I could not stop building castles in the air of the myriad of things that could go wrong. But contrary to my angst, my year mates seemed ecstatic and eager to be line. Luckily, my date knew just how to ease my nervousness with his ludicrous sense of humour. By the time the master of ceremonies got to us, all my nerves were replaced with adrenaline and excitement. He majestically marched out first and I followed with his suede blazer behind.

I could not help but wear a banana smile due to the crowd’s cheer and uproar. I slowly yet gracefully adorned my date in his blazer. Carlton was his name, then he entwined our arms as we cat walked with poise down the aisle matching to the song’s rhythm. He took it slow and merry, as if telling he knew I was scared but he was there with me. And finally we neared the photo booth where we took dazzling pictures, MY favourite part was when Carlton said,

‘’ You did good. I see a potential model in you.” And the wink that accompanied his smile just struck a different nerve.

We then proceeded to the field for meals and pictures. Of course, we unleashed all quirky and model poses we had been practicing for the photoshoot. The menu was Italian cuisine with finger licking dishes. From chicken lollipops as starters, lasagna and chicken curry for dinner, ice cream for dessert and ice cold fruit juice cocktail. The party was finally next in line after the brief gratitude speeches. My year mates and I danced till we got drenched in our perspiration, we screamed till our voice boxes croaked, we lived the night to the fullest until ten o’clock when the teachers decided to call it a night. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I am glad to have experienced!


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