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What a Wonderful Trip

Recently my class and I went on a trip, we had to wait for some people and when they arrived, we went to the main gate and had to wait for the bus. When the bus arrived, we entered the bus and waited for everyone to enter the bus, and no sooner had we started moving than we reached the main road on our way to parliament. Soon after we were close to parliament, I opened my Doritos and they were so spicy. When people saw the Doritos, they politely asked for some and I gave them. When we reached parliament, some people wanted to use the washroom and they took a long time. Therefore, we went through security four times and finally reached the courtroom and some people were asking. The deputy speaker of parliament took photos with us and offered us soda from the canteen. We took sodas and got so full that they told us to hurry up because we were late for Bank of Uganda.

Brennan Emmanuel Mboowa, Yr.4 Firefinch

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