What Do Teenagers Really Think About?

Teenagers have a variety of thoughts of different kinds, but thoughts of being famous often out more than others. Being famous is a great feeling that anyone would ever want and most people especially teenagers often try to mimic the appearance and the behavior of famous people.

Why do most teenagers have thoughts of being famous? Well, it easy. Mainly because of the iconic figures they cherish most. They could be football stars like Lionel Messi or one of Hollywood’s prized possessions tom cruise. However, teenagers become delusional in such a way that they wish to be every living inch of a famous figure, that they also adopt their mischievous deeds, such as drugs, which can lead to disastrous life.

On the other hand, there are those teenagers who try to keep away from the bad sides of their role models. Famous people are also a source of inspiration to many teens who wish to pursue their passion. Wouldn’t you like to wake up and the first thing you gaze upon is Cristiano Ronaldo telling you “You can do it. Suiiii.” Or the Rock telling you, “Demotivating words coming out of peoples’ mouth will on make you stronger. You will definitely make it.”

It can be concluded that the above are the thoughts of teenagers and ways cherished stars can influence the young generation and I strongly suggest the adoption of the positive deeds in order not to influence the younger generation negatively.

Kevin Agaba

Yr. 11

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