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My name is Angelo Jaysen Omoding alias Successor. I study at Taibah International School and I am in Baby Class. There are two things I like at the moment and these are discovering and playing. I try to discover by asking many questions and I demand for answers by asking the same question several times until it is answered.

I also like playing whenever I am free. I like playing with friends and sometimes if there are no friends, I play alone but playing alone bores me and I may sleep off. With friends, I like swinging, running around, driving cars, molding objects, cutting shapes, drawing, painting, building and many more. Because of the love I have for playing, I so much loved Mega Bash [end of year party at our school]. On this day, there were bouncing castles, water slide, portable swimming pools, seesaws, form slides, merry-go-round, face painting, clowns, magicians, father Christmas, to mention.

There was also a lot of food for the food lovers!

Angelo Jaysen Omoding, Baby Class.

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