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Is it all about mental health to you? As everyone says nowadays, “healthy body, healthy mind. Mental health is such an important aspect of life because if one is not mentally stable, one will have a negative outlook on life. When a person is stressed from either work or school, you will come to realize that they will not eat much because their mind is troubled. With some research, I have come to know some remedies to keep your mind healthy. Firstly, if you feel stressed, read a book. Reading/Getting lost in a book lowers levels of cortisol and other unhealthy stress hormones by up to 68%. Furthermore, writing in a journal as well can also make you a happier person.

Is it all about fitness to you? You jog, you run and you repeat at 4 pm every evening. Did you know that a person can be fit and obese at the same time? Being fit is not all about having a toned body or being slim. It is about how easily you can do tasks like running or dancing for long periods without being breathless. In the beginning, it is not going to be a piece of cake but the more consistent you are, the easier it becomes. Scientists are now educating us that a person who goes and steps on the grass for about 12-18 miles a week in the field has a stronger immune system and increases the density of minerals in their bones.

Is it only about nutrition to you? What enters your body is all that matters. Well, yes. What enters the body matters because a person who only eats junk all the time is different from a person who only eats vegetables and that is also different from a person who balances both. We all know that too much of everything is bad and the phrase is true. When a person eats two full lemons a day, they are at very high risk of getting ulcers but at the same time, we are told lemons are the most nutritionally powerful fruit on the planet. So, nutrition is not only about eating fat because your body needs it but how you control how much of it you eat.

Mary Fidelis Athieno

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