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What is Owlypia?

Owlypia, aptly encapsulating the ethos of "Challenging your limits intellectually!" aims to ignite the spark of intellectual curiosity while fostering research skills and academic confidence in young individuals. At its core, Owlypia provides opportunities for personal growth and development, encouraging participants to ask bold questions, pursue their interests, and believe in their academic abilities. Owlypia invites young minds to embark on a thrilling adventure of discovery. My team and I began our journey by exploring an extensive collection of films, videos, books, and articles curated around our favourite subjects. These resources served as the foundation of our intellectual exploration. 

Owlypia fosters multi-disciplinary academic skills, self-confidence, and collaborative teamwork. We develop creative ideas, unlock hidden potential, and build long-lasting friendships. One of the joys of working with my team is that we were allowed to deliberate on any of our given subject matters. The process of presenting opinions, asking questions and analysing details during research increases the chances of us developing and improving our critical thinking abilities. This helped us to successfully solve the tasks involved in the competition tests. A little Motivation from me to help a person out when their tasks become cumbersome to complete on their own. This prevents them from being discouraged which may make them suspend their tasks. But this can hardly happen in the case of an Owlypian competition because the team will inspire each other to keep pushing to solve the problems. They will also be encouraged to carry on with their assignments because they know that they have a team that will stand by them to ensure that the competition is a success.

There is no gain in saying that collaborative learning is beneficial to both learners and teachers. It is fortunate for the students to join the Owlypia Intellectuals challenge because they will engage in this educational approach in their competition. This is to say that students will enjoy solving the tasks associated with the competition and learn during the process.

Derrick Musiitwa

Club Vice President

Yr.13 raptors 

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