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During Africa day, there were very many tribes. Let’s just say people enjoyed it a lot. This was on 16th June 2023. Let’s start with the rest of the African group, it was the group that had the Congolese, Nigerians, Ghanaians to mention. The head of the rest of Africa was none other than Tr. Mable. She got some food like sombe, plantain and posho. The next group is the Eastern Africa group which had a Lingala dance that was really beautiful. They had a Miss Africa that was Hairah Bukirwa. There were way more groups that came and gave us the vibe than we were longing for. Sooner or later time for Miss Africa came and wow this was a really hot one. Miss Africa from all sides came and they had really beautiful girls there for example were; Tutu, Hairah, Adhel, Zara, Komukama and Shiloh. Time for the semifinals and there were Hairah, Komukama and Shiloh. Sadly, Komukama didn’t make it to the finals. Hairah and Shiloh were head-to-head and finally Miss Africa of Taibah International School, 2023 was declared, ‘Shiloh Mudola from Eastern Uganda’. Everybody rejoiced and all were happy.

Christebelle Ngwani, P.7 Goldcrest

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