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The sports day training started in week one. We trained in netball, basketball, football and swimming. After, we trained in aerobics. In week two, Rwenzori Red was working hard for the trophies. Then next, we run laps and cross country. For cross country, we ran from the gate in the nursery section and passed near Tr. Isma’s home and we went down to the last gate. In laps, we went for 100 and 200 meters. 200ms is half a field and 100ms is from one goalpost to the other goalpost. We then practised aerobics, Rwenzori Red was the best followed by Moroto Green then Mufumbiro Blue and lastly Elgon Yellow. In the bicycle race, Rwenzori Red was leading then Mufumbiro Blue, Moroto Green and Elgon Yellow. Some people were falling off their bicycles but still, they couldn’t give up. They got onto the bicycle again and continued until they finished. 

On Sports Day, our parents were welcome and at the end, Rwenzori Red was in first place and we have been winning for the last three consecutive years, then Elgon Yellow, and Moroto Green lastly.

Zoya Rabban Zora, P.6 Eagles 

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