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What was just a mere idea during registration one day, unfolded before all of us and a beautiful story came to light.

We had spent about a month collecting donations, making announcements and packing everything together and on 24th June we began our journey to Watoto Suubi Village, a homeless shelter for children who have been taken off the street. We appreciate all your contributions towards the cause; may the almighty bless you immensely.

It was exactly 11:30 am on a rainy morning when we left the Taibah gates. The cold, however, didn’t manage to outshine the excitement we all felt. We made a stop at a supermarket to buy the last of our contributions to them and after the shortest 2 hours, we arrived at the Watoto gate.

Upon our arrival, we met our tour guide, Christopher Erabo, who gave us a quick briefing about the place, their schedules and how everything operates. We drove down to the babies’ quarters that housed children 0 to 8 and we interacted with the few that were awake. Mr Erabo showed us where they get treatment, their play area and where the cow milk for the babies is produced.

By lunchtime, the sun was out and we met with the older children. We prayed with them, shared a meal, handed our donations over and made our way back to school.

The trip back gave us ample time to reflect. It was an opportunity to bond with our classmates and altered the way many of us saw life. I learnt to appreciate all I have, to never take anything for granted and to be kind to everyone because we each have our backgrounds.

Malaika Kirabo

Belinda Nagginda

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