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I can't even find the words to tell you how grateful I am for this amazing programme and the opportunities that come with it. The Owlypia Intellectual Challenge is a confidence-building challenge that also encourages teamwork through its team-building exercises. Although at the beginning of the challenge, it may seem like you are on your own you learn that regardless of the subject you pick you are still required to work as a team to better your research to pass the qualification test which is round one. The Global Rounds are the second and final round in the Challenge which provides the students with an opportunity to visit other countries and universities as they continue on their journey to earn certificates and medals. I think that the Owlypia challenge provides the best experience for students willing to take the next step in education and life for it gives us the chance to explore paths that may have been lost to us in the past. For instance, you don’t have to be doing a science subject to undertake the science and technology subject in the challenge for it provides you with what you need to know and also encourages the use of research to widen your basis of information all you need to know are the basics of the subject. I believe that The Owlypia Intellectual Challenge is of great value to any student willing to take the opportunity and I very much regret not taking it up sooner.

Mukisa Solomon

The Owlypia Club President (middle)

Year 13 Alphas

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