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Assembly Moments

We always have our assemblies every Monday from 11:00 am to 11:30 am. The warm-ups that make us feel happy are always there, the anthems sang, and the moral thought to teach us how to be kind, hardworking and respectful.

We cannot end with a book summary and the mental Math skills that help us understand numbers.

And when it comes to Friday assemblies, oooh we always can’t wait to present the theme of the week. We prepare before the day, we bring costumes to use, and we sing as well as dance for others. We always feel proud when presenting at on assembly.

The more we carry out Theme assemblies, we increase our confidence, we build our self-esteem and others.

We always end with a prayer that keeps our day bright and safe.

From Miles Mayor Mutyaba

YR2 Lorikeet.

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