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Our Primary Five Trip

Farming is a very important activity in Uganda as we learnt in SST and Science. 

The P5 Class of Taibah International Junior visited Katende Harambe farm which practices mixed farming.

At the farm, they grow crops like cabbage, vanilla, passion fruits and many others. We saw how gardens are taken care of by mulching and weeding. Albino rats too are reared at the farm. These rats are used in laboratories for experiments. They also keep other animals like sheep, and different varieties of goats both local and exotic like Boer, Sanen and Mubende goats. Fresian cows are kept for milk using the zero-grazing method of cow keeping. Also, cow dung is used for producing biogas and for manure for the crops at the farm. Rabbits too are kept at this farm. 

Apiary is another branch of farming practised at the farm. We saw how bees are kept and the different tools used for harvesting honey which include, gumboots, overalls, gloves, torches, and knives.

Poultry too is practiced. There are both broilers and layers at the farm. A chicken trough is used to feed the chicken and chicken are debeaked to prevent them from carrying out chicken vices.

At the farm, we saw that aquaculture is practised. The water in the ponds is regularly changed to provide fresh water to the fish.  Water loses oxygen due to soil erosion, yet the fish need oxygen. The fish are fed on maize bran.

It was a fruitful and educative trip for all P5 Pupils.


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