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Amidst the flurry of assignments exams and endless classes, there comes a moment when the hustle and bustle need to take a back seat and bonds need to be nurtured. Bonding trip! Kavumba recreational park was filled with various activities for example horse riding merry-go-rounds and a tiny zoo. 

It was not just the activities that defined the trip it was the moments of spontaneity and joy that truly cemented it. From impromptu sing-along sessions to shared laughs and experiences for some, it was a chance to explore the outside while for others it was an opportunity to forge deeper connections with classmates who had been more of acquaintances until then.

As the trip drew to a close, we reluctantly packed our bags to return to reality we carried the realization that in a world constantly pulling us in different directions true wealth lies not in the material possessions but in the relationships, we cultivate along the way.

Particia Kugonza and Alesi Thereasa 

year 12 

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